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tion. It was about ●this time that the thorn which had pla■gued the church was at length plucked o■ut. Avaugour was summoned home. ■He took his recall wi

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th magnanimity, and o●n his way wrote at Gaspé a memorial to Col●bert, in which he commends New France to the ●attention of the king. “The St

. Lawrence,” h●e says, “is the entrance to● what may be made the greatest sta●te in the world;” and, in hi●s purely military way, he recounts t

he ●means of realizing this grand possib●ility. Three thousand soldiers should be sen■t to the colony, to be discharged and turned● into settl

ers after three years o●f service. During these three ye●ars they may make Quebec an impregnable fortr■ess, subdue the Iroquois, build a strong for■t on the river where the Dutch have● a miserable wooden redoubt, called ●For

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my disposal.” * ■He had, in truth, borne himse■lf as a brave and experienced

● * Avaugour, Mémoire, Gas●pé 4 Ao?t 1663. soldier; and he soon ●after died a soldier’s death, whil●e defending the fortress of Z■rin, in Croatia, against the Turks. * * ■ L

ettre de Colbert au Marquis de ●Tracy, 1664. Mémoire du Boy, pout servir ■d’instruction au Sieur Talon CHAPTER VII. ■ 1661-1664

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. LAVAL AND DUMESNIL Péronne● Dumesnil.—The Old Council.—Alleged Murde■r.—The New Council.—Bourdon A●nd Villeray.—Strong Measures.

—Escape O●f Duhesnil.—Views Of Colbert. T●hough the proposals of Avaug●our’s memorial were not adopted, it seems ●to have produced a strong impressi■on at court. For

this impres●sion the minds of the king and h●is minister had already been prep●ared. Two y

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